English is spoken by only around 18% of the global population.

We help YouTube creators reach billions more potential viewers via translation, let Languo broaden your audience.

What we do

We Help Our Clients Expand Into Every Market.

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We provide translation for existing and future content by adding dubbed sound tracks to any video, on the same channel.

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Benefit from our elite team’s audiovisual expertise powered by an advanced toolset and AI to scale projects.

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Not only we provide a free translation demo to prove our quality, we also offer simple, transparent per-minute pricing.

200+ clients worldwide use our dubbing services

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About us

We Handle Everything from Start to Finish.

We handle everything from obtaining multi-language features on your channel, to translating all the necessary text in the target language(s), all you need to do is sit back and relax.

The Problem

Only around 18% of the worlds population speaks English, but people all around the world are interested in your niche.

The Fix

We translate existing and future content so your potential reach 5-6 times in size, it has been shown if you translate your content in the top 15 languages you can reach 90% of the world.

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200+ clients

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Let the numbers do the talking.

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“I have been using Languo for my videos and I am extremely satisfied
with the results. The team at this company is highly professional,
delivering accurate and natural-sounding translations

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From Testimonials

“I have tried various translation dubbing services, but Languo truly stands out. The translations provided are not only accurate but also capture the nuances and emotions of the original content.”


From Testimonials

“I was unsure about everything from languages to the whole process, their initial consultation outlined everything

Investment F.

From Testimonials

Why WaitThe Language Barrier?

Alan P.

Languo Founder

Have A Price For Every Plan Out There

We have established different pricing methods to accommodate for all types of dubbing needs.


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Per-minute pricing

Simple, transparent, perfect for newer clients.

No long-term commitment

Clear per-minute pricing

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For Projects of Scale

Itemised quote to serve projects of any scale.

Ultimately cheaper

Clear full project pricing

Intelligent video selection

Synced Audio


Transcription & Captions

Dubbing Director

To provide an accurate estimate for dubbing costs, we require a thorough assessment of your content. These costs are influenced by various factors, including the source and target languages, the complexity of the subject matter, the number of speakers involved, and the rate of speech.

Here are some frequently asked questions

Do I need to create different channels?

No, everything is done on your main channel, having it on one central channel is a much easier process as all the dubbed content is in a single place, you retain all ownership of the channel.

How does the dubbing process actually work?

We use our advanced toolset, dubbing artists and AI technology to translate the source language to the target language flawlessly, which improves the target language viewer’s satisfaction.

‏‏‎ ‎

Languo approaches each market individually, employing specific localization strategies that go beyond mere translation. We pay attention to cultural nuances, colloquial use of language, and local idioms, ensuring that the dubbed content feels authentic to the audience.

What do I do if my channel doesn’t allow audio tracks?

If your channel doesn’t yet have multi-language audio available, we can start a process to apply for it by contacting Youtube themselves, do not worry we will organize everything.

Why is localization in dubbing important?

Translating the dubbing voice-over from the source language to the new target language is merely the initial step in the localization procedure.

Creating subtitles that align with the target language, translating scripts or graphics, and refining vocal performances are all pivotal for the success of media localization. Skipping key languages or providing subpar voice-over localizations may result in suboptimal outcomes and disappointed viewers.

What are the benefits of Languo?

1.Utilizing Languo’s human & AI-powered translation ensures a top-tier viewer experience, helping with the expansion of your international audience and thus resulting in additional ad revenue.

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2. Many clients’ translated videos generate revenue exceeding the translation expenses, its a no-brainer.

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3. Languo offers comprehensive support and service of your translated videos simplifying the process of broadening your global audience. Additionally, Languo increases audience engagement by responding to comments in target languages and translating all text, not limited to subtitles, titles, descriptions, pinned comments and more.

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